Swimmates™ Disposable Swimwear



Swimmates™ provide dignity, confidence and discretion when in aqua therapy sessions and other pool settings. The disposable swimwear is worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for bowel incontinence. Features include:

  • The blue, moisture-proof barrier and Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) help contain bowel incontinence, keeping the pool and bathing suit clean
  • The product is designed to have minimal swelling and does not break apart
  • Tear-away side seams are used for easy removal and disposal
  • Latex-free

Available by the case or by the package. Choose size and quantity from the drop down menu.

Additional information

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88 (Case),Small, 22"-36" (80-125 lbs), 80 (Case),Medium, 34"-48" (120-175 lbs), 72 (Case),Large, 44"-54" (170-210 lbs), 56 (Case),Extra Large, 48"-66" (210+ lbs), 48 (Case),XXL, 62”-80”, 20 (Bag),Small, 22"-36" (80-125 lbs), 20 (Bag),Medium, 34"-48" (120-175 lbs), 18 (Bag),Large, 44"-54" (170-210 lbs), 14 (Bag),Extra Large, 48"-66" (210+ lbs), 12 (Bag),XXL, 62”-80"


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