What Do Disposables Delivered Customers Have to Say?

Lucille and Lucy are attentive and work very fast. They are personable and very helpful.  I feel that my clients are in good hands with them. They have solutions for what seem like difficult problems. I highly recommend their products and assistance.  (DF, Aging Life Care Professional, Illinois)

Lucille is amazing and extremely helpful!!!  Thank you for the great service.  (KL, Mom, Connecticut)

Excellent service and advice.(DM,​ California)

I was thrilled to find a product that fit my daughter and was hypoallergenic material. Lucy was so kind and helpful. The service was convenient and fast. Very grateful! (RD, Mom, Minnesota)

Always excellent service.  (LS, Caregiver, New York)

Disposables Delivered has been a great company to deal with. They have the products we need and the office staff is very friendly and helpful. I love the recurring order discount and the ease of changing the automatic dates as needed. (CF, Florida)

Feel so fortunate to have found a quality product plus proper sizing in an adult brief for my Mom. In all these years, there was one problem with the construction of the undergarment made at the factory, and replacements were sent out immediately. All the office staff provides excellent customer service.  So pleased. Thank you very much. (CD, Caregiver, Nevada)

My experience for my client and the results are terrific. Customer service is spot on and I have recommended to several families. (Care Provider for IW, Massachusetts)

Disposables Delivered has always been my “go to” for any of my clients or my own family who could benefit from Lucille’s expertise in incontinence and the many products that she helps to select with/for the user. Great service.  Cut out the step of going to the store, purchasing a product that is most likely not the best fit and then having to carry home. Their brown box delivery is a big hit for those who would prefer to be private. Well done!  (MP, Aging Life Care Professional, Massachusetts)

Prompt. Accurate(LW, Oregon)

I use these products for my mother, and recommend the service to my clients. Recently my husband had mild incontinence issues, and Lucille was kind enough to send some samples. The company always responds quickly and is responsive to every need.  (AS, Aging Life Care Professional, New York)

I used to get diapers from a medical supply store for my mother who was paralyzed with a stroke. Most of the ones used were not a good quality – didn’t hold the urine, etc. well or they ripped easily. Then I started ordering from Disposables Delivered and these diapers seemed to do the job well. I had ordered for a couple of years and they were delivered promptly every two weeks as I requested. Unfortunately, my mom passed away recently so I no longer have a need for them. But would highly recommend them……….plus the price was much better than anywhere else I had purchased from. Thank you Disposables Delivered – you made my life much easier to care for my mother! (DQ, Caregiver, New Jersey)

Lucille and Lucy are two caring women who take the time to help you as your loved ones needs change. They have helped my mother and I for almost 10 years.  (PG and PL, North Carolina)

Lucy is great. Only problem so far was when local warehouse was out of product and it took longer to get to us. I think the My Account part of the website could use some improvement, namely show the agreed frequency of shipments and when the next one is due to be shipped, i.e. all the time, not just a week before. (SH, California) 

I have no basis for comparing products since I am only purchasing for my mom who is out of state. I haven’t heard anything from her caregivers to indicate that the product isn’t performing as expected. Thank you for all your great work.  (PP, Illinois)

Wonderful and easy to deal with. (AD, Massachusetts)

Lucy is AMAZING!!! A real asset to your company. (NN and PB, Nevada)

I have found that the product we use is excellent. Much better than across the counter. Delivery is always on time and correlates with what I have been promised. Will continue with this product until no longer needed. (IG, New Hampshire)

Excellent service and products! (ES, Alabama)

Great products, service is excellent. (AH, Massachusetts)

If you had a tool for an elderly person to be able to open the delivered carton by themselves THAT WOULD BE GREAT (AM and MO,  Maine)

I have 3 autistic children and they outgrew store diapers before they were potty trained. Disposables Delivered made is possible for me to transition my children into underwear by having bigger products but that weren’t bulky, uncomfortable and came right to my house. Disposables Delivered are personable and helped me get the right product for each of my children that was going to make their experience good for them. (LM, Mom, Utah)

Big Thank you for your responsiveness. (CT, California)

Lucille is great! (BZ, Massachusetts)

These products are used by my mother and are much better than the other ones on the market that she tried. (HL, New Hampshire)

My mother found your products superior to any incontinence products available in local stores. I appreciate the ease of ordering your products which are delivered directly to her door. Your staff is knowledgeable and responsive. It’s pleasant to talk to someone the phone. Thank you. (LJ, Texas)

Lucille is sweet, knowledgeable, recommends great products, and is always accommodating ! The products are of the highest quality and do what they say they do. I would highly recommend this company! (DE, Nevada)

At a time when I was stressed about my loved one, the company came through for me and put me right at ease. Any time I had a question or concern, I received an immediate and caring response AND resolution. They helped me determine what would best serve my needs, and then provided top notch service. FIVE STARS! (EL, Caregiver, Louisiana)

Lucille is an angel. She guided me through the best products for my aunt, always made sure they were delivered immediately and was always available for questions. I tell everyone about her and about this great company! (CG, California)

Lucy rules!! (ML, Pennsylvania)

I purchased pull up diapers for my aunt who was very petite . We could not find product to fit her in the stores and was able to get the right size for her here. They were always delivered very quickly. (PF, Iowa)

I’m the author of Being My Mom’s Mom and speak around the country about Caregiving. I say in my presentations how much I love Disposables Delivered because they save me time and money. (LV, Maryland)

I absolutely LOVE your products. My brother is no longer staying with me, but every so often I ordered and mail a box to him. I wish you can mail to the St. Thomas US Virgin Islands! I love your product from day ONE! (GF, Georgia)

Courteous phone reps, great service and it can be delivered the next day if I call early enough. Can’t get more convenient than that! (DT, Massachusetts)

Disposables Delivered goes beyond to ensure quality products, and the right fit and style for each customer. They can even do STAT deliveries! (RL, Care Manager, Connecticut)

Products are great and so are people that I have dealt with. Always willing to help! (SA, New York)

As a customer of Disposables Delivered for several years, I can assure you that they are all together with it! They are prompt with an order… Should you have a question ? the response is immediate. Their product is top quality. Know they are willing to work with you, in any way, to assure your satisfaction!!! (MP, Michigan)

DISPOSABLES DELIVERED was recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone. (AR, Massachusetts)

I have been VERY satisfied with the purchases as it fits my Mother-in-Law perfectly and the delivery is extremely prompt. I will continue ordering through your company without the slightest hesitation. I’m not just satisfied … I am EXTREMELY pleased and I thank you for your service! (DG, Maine)

So glad I was recommended to your services. You made my life much easier. (SC, Massachusetts)

Disposables Delivered has been a godsend for my mother’s incontinence needs. Lucille is exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to ensure we get just what we need. I highly recommend Disposables Delivered! (DF,  New Jersey)