TENA® Women™ Protective Underwear, Super Plus Absorbency



With a Comfort Fit design, TENA® Women™ Heavy Protection Underwear looks and feels like your regular underwear. It is a discreet, comfortable and secure pull-on type protection for moderate to heavy bladder weakness offering Super Plus absorbency. Features include:

  • Increased absorbency and new core shape
  • Heavy protection underwear with Superabsorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection during the day and night
  • Secure fit and core width between the legs allows fluid to move away from the body & across core enhancing leakage protection
  • Modern design to fit, look and feel like everyday underwear
  • Body-hugging fabric for secure protection that stays in place
  • Cottony-soft material for maximum comfort and discretion
  • Advanced odor protection, pH-balanced to fight odors

Available by the case or by the package. Choose size and quantity from the drop down menu.

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72 (Case),Small/Medium, 29”-40”, 64 (Case),Large, 37”-50”, 56 (Case),Extra Large, 48”-64”, 18 (Bag),Small/Medium, 29”-40”, 16 (Bag),Large, 37”-50”, 14 (Bag),Extra Large, 48”-64"


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