Prevail® Super Absorbent Underpads



Prevail® Super Absorbent Underpads provide maximum comfort and protection. They are soft, absorbent and durable even when wet. Features include:

  • Super Absorbent Layer to quickly pull and lock up liquid
  • Moisture Proof Barrier for effective protection of beds, linens, chairs and other surfaces
  • Large coverage area: (30 x 30 inches / 30 x 36 inches)

Available by the case or by the package. Choose size and quantity from the drop down menu.

Additional information

Select How Many, Size, and Color :

100 (Case),30”x36”,Peach, 40 (Case),30”x36”,Peach, 25 (Bag),30”x36”,Peach, 10 (Package),30”x36”,Peach


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